Monday, December 5, 2011

When to Kiss Her?

So, you've got her attention, you've maybe done some things together. You're attracted to her, and now, and you think she might be interested in you too. You'd really like to kiss her. How do you know when to go for it? The five clear signs below should help most anyone figure out when to kiss her.

1 - When she responds. This is always the most obvious and clear sign. If you move your face closer to her, and she responds by doing the same, it's a pretty safe bet. Of course it's not always that simple though, because how do you know when to move in for it? The other four signs to look for below should help with that.
2 - She pauses or waits. When the date is over, when it's time to leave, or drop her somewhere; if she pauses, or waits, or seems to be expecting something before you part, that's usually a very good sign. But before diving in, ask yourself if there might be any other reason for her actions. Perhaps you're holding her coat and she wants it back. Or maybe she has something to ask or tell you before you go your separate ways. Give her a minute, see if she speaks. Look in her eyes. Is she looking back? Smiling? These are good signs.
3 - Body language. Women generally behave differently when they want or are expecting a kiss. They walk close to you. They touch you. They hold your hand, or let you take theirs. When you look directly in her face, she's likely to smile. Maybe nervously. She doesn't back away whenever you move. This is all assuming she's not as nervous as you might be. If she is, she might move closer, then move away. Back and forth, unsure of herself. Of you. Or your motives. Obviously it's more difficult to tell in such instances. The key here, is to notice if she moves farther away from you and doesn't come back. Or if she flinches if you approach her. Or tries to put something between the two of you; like her purse, or a door. If you want to know if she wants to be kissed, or would at least appreciate it if you did so, watch her body language and take your cues from that. If she doesn't appear to be receptive, don't force it. She's probably not ready or simply doesn't want to move to that level with you. Accept it.
4 - On Impulse. While this isn't strictly a direct sign from her, it is a common way for first kisses to happen. But please, before you do anything impulsive, make sure the two of you are at least at a stage in your relationships where it wouldn't seem ridiculous. on just meeting for example. But getting back to the tip. Yeah, sometimes you just have to go with the moment. Perhaps it's a shared excitement about something surprising; like when someone you've both been routing for, suddenly scores, or wins. Sometimes, it might be in the middle of you both laughing at something together. Or it might be after something scary happens, like almost getting smashed by another car while driving. Or it might be after a shared loss, say a friend dying, or national tragedy. Whatever it is, sometimes, you just have to let your instincts take over. She may or may not be ready, but at least you'll know pretty much right away if your senses were correct.
5 - When she says yes. Yeah, it's probably pretty corny to just come right out and ask her, but it doesn't have to be like that. For example, you might suggest after she does something particularly cute that if she does so again, you might just have to kiss her. Or in other instances, you might mention how you wanted to kiss her at a prior time when something occurred between the two of you. Or, you might even mention how her lips look so kissable. The point here is you need to broach the topic in such a way that it brings the possibility out into the open without really painting either of you into a corner. Keep in mind that it's pretty important that you phrase things in a way that she will surely get what you are getting at, and thus, will issue some sort of reply, that in all likelihood will be easy to understand.

These 5 clear signs should help pretty much anyone trying to figure out when the time is right to kiss the girl. If this is you, I hope these tips have helped.


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