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The 6 Things Guys Notice 6 Seconds After You Meet

According to a new study, a person’s physical appearance allows others to form surprisingly accurate first impressions. So you may want to think twice about what kind of image you’re projecting with these traits dudes check out immediately.

1. Your Smile
Does it seem sweet and genuine? Does it seem awkward and forced? Does it seem like you ate a sesame-seed and parsley salad for lunch based on what’s lodged between every single one of your teeth?

2. Your Hair
Guys have no idea what split ends are, and if you mention roots, they just think of the band. But they do look to see if your hair looks 1. soft and 2. as though it would smell good. So don’t request “The Gosselin” at the salon, and wash it every so often. That’s all guys ask.

3. Your Cleavage
Newsflash: Dudes like to look at your chest. Now, that’s not to say they think all women should unbutton their shirts to their bellybuttons at funerals. (Though really, who are guys to judge?) But they will notice how you’re showing off what you’ve got.

4. Your Makeup
If you’re wearing so much makeup that it looks like you’ve painted an entirely new face on top of your actual face, guys will wonder if you’re trying to cover up some bizarre deformation — or if you’re Gotham City’s most dangerous criminal mastermind.

5. Your Skin
You know that blemish you’ve been obsessing over all day because it’s so huge? Chances are guys won’t even notice. What will they notice? If you look like a jaundiced Oompa-Loompa because of overenthusiastic tanning.

6. Your Bag
Are all women who haul around big purses — in other words, cavernous rucksacks stuffed full of old receipts, emergency sweaters, and half-used bottles of hand sanitizer — high maintenance? Maybe not. But guys will go ahead and assume they are anyway.


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Text Message to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Texting has become a social phenomenon to the point that it has affected many aspects of our lives, including our romantic relationships. Since it is a fairly new technology, social etiquette in texting are still being created and formed. With that in mind, what are the recommended text messages you should be sending to your romantic partner? Here are some helpful tips.

Sweet nothings – With our busy and hectic lives, people even have a hard time picking up the phone or even send an e-mail. However, a quick sweet message from your mobile phone like “Hope your having a great day” (whether in full or abbreviated into text speak) does wonders to your partner.
Send messages while far apart – If your romantic partner lives in a faraway city, or going to another place, sending a text message can create a surprising sense of connection between the two of you. Make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel that you are right there even if you are miles away.
Avoid guessing – If you find your partner’s message too cryptic or vague, wait until you are communicating face to face to your partner to ask what they were talking about. Some text messages may appear insincere or insensitive because these were delivered in a hurry, but your partner may actually mean different from what you are assuming. Respond the cryptic text with “I don’t get it. Let’s talk later.”
Avoid over-abbreviating text messages – Because text messages can only allow a limited number of characters, people could not help but abbreviated words and make them as short and simple as possible. Make sure to use symbols or terms that most people would understand or even send to their text messages. Avoid making up new texting terms on the dot because your partner might find it too cryptic.
Never text angry – If you and your partner are not in good terms, it is best to resolve your emotions through personal, face-to-face communication. Avoid venting out your anger on your partner through texting, which some people may consider as a sign of insensitivity.
Never deliver a bad news – If you are going to break up with your partner, sending a text message may appear comfortable because you are “avoiding the drama,” but in reality is that it shows your cowardice into the situation.

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Top 10 First Date Tips for Women

Your eyes met, your smiles matched and numbers were exchanged with hope and excitement. However, whilst you thought your first date consisted of flowing drinks and scintillating conversation, you never heard from him again. So what the hell went wrong?

Here are some rules and tips that will help you make sure you will have swconed date:

1. Dont be too available but at the same time, avoid being overly aloof. Hes asked you out but you want to let him know that you have a busy, exciting life right? If he suggests meeting on a Wednesday, politely decline but enthusiastically suggest another day such as Thursday.
This tells him that you have a life but youre willing to make space for him in it.
2. Dress to impress but accordingly so. Whilst it may be tempting to show him all of your goods in one go, your aim is to have him wondering what you have to offer.
Thats right girls, that overused phrase less is more will become your new mantra.
You want to dress smart/casual. This is a phrase you will see a lot; possibly on nightclub flyers, invitations etc. It essentially means that if you wear casual jeans, dress them up with high heels.
If you are unsure of the style trend in London, there are great high street stores with websites which sell affordable, on trend fashion.
Just remember the cardinal rule! Choose which asset youre going to show off but never show cleavage AND legs. If you want to see him again, leave the mini dress at home.
3. Wear make up but dont over do it. I dont know any girl who would go on a first date without wearing any make up but you need to be careful with your technique.
For example, if bright red lipstick is your trademark look, youre going to need to save it for your third or fourth date. Although most men love to see a girls unique style, anything too striking can be a slight put off so try to keep it neutral on the first date. Keep the base of your foundation light and simply enhance your natural features. As you get to know each other better, hell probably be begging to see you in red lipstick!
4. Maintain eye contact. This doesnt mean that you should participate in some weird, stare out game with your eye balls but intermittent looks in to his eyes whilst hes talking whilst nodding your head subtly, will show him that youre really listening to him.
5. Ask questions. Everyone loves talking about themselves. Fact. You want to express an interest in him so ask him questions about his hobbies, any pets he might have and what his favourite films are. Not only will this give you vaulable information about the guy you could be dating but it will portray you as a great listener. Brownie points overload.

6. Laugh at his jokes. If you can do this, youre halfway there. Inevitably, the guy will be nervous and he his primary objective of the night will be to impress you. Some men act macho, some flash the cash, others...tell jokes. Whether the jokes are funny or not, if you like him; youre going to have to start laughing.
7. Use positive body language. There is abslutely no point in liking someone if youre looking over their shoulder, sitting with your arms crossed and have your legs facing in their opposite direction. All these signs tell him subconsciously that you are not interested in him.
So if you want to see him again, act relaxed. This means behaving in an open manner by having your arms beside you, making sure your knees are facing him (all this stuff matters, trust me) and keeping your gaze on him.
8. Smile. Some girls are unrelaxed, or dont want to ruin their make up or hate their teeth. Whatever the reason, NOT smiling is guaranteed to look ten times worse.
Flashing your pearly whites makes you appear instantly more attractive, approachable and it has the power to relax the people around you...not to mention the uplifting effects it has.
Try smiling at people on the tube...I bet you a fiver they smile back and I bet you a tenner, it makes you feel great :)
9. Never do anything more than a kiss. Depending on the kind of guy he is, he may lean in for a cheeky goodnight kiss at the end of the night.
If you want to go in for it, it can be a pleasant way to end the evening and can give you that lovely warm feeling on your way home.
Never, ever do any more than a kiss on the first date. This means not kissing elsewhere, no touching, no more!
10. Offer to go dutch. Although many of us expect the man to pay on the first date and it feels great when he does, it can be unattractive to assume that a man will immediately pay for everything – especially if youve just ordered lobster.
When the bill arrives, notice his body language. Did he reach for the bill? Is he fumbling for his wallet? Has he looked to you for reassurance? If you offer to go halves, hell be reassured that youre willing to be treated as an equal...and hopefully hell end up paying for it anyway!
Above all, make sure youre happy, interested and yourself because usually, when you really like someone your own mind does the rest.


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When to Kiss Her?

So, you've got her attention, you've maybe done some things together. You're attracted to her, and now, and you think she might be interested in you too. You'd really like to kiss her. How do you know when to go for it? The five clear signs below should help most anyone figure out when to kiss her.

1 - When she responds. This is always the most obvious and clear sign. If you move your face closer to her, and she responds by doing the same, it's a pretty safe bet. Of course it's not always that simple though, because how do you know when to move in for it? The other four signs to look for below should help with that.
2 - She pauses or waits. When the date is over, when it's time to leave, or drop her somewhere; if she pauses, or waits, or seems to be expecting something before you part, that's usually a very good sign. But before diving in, ask yourself if there might be any other reason for her actions. Perhaps you're holding her coat and she wants it back. Or maybe she has something to ask or tell you before you go your separate ways. Give her a minute, see if she speaks. Look in her eyes. Is she looking back? Smiling? These are good signs.
3 - Body language. Women generally behave differently when they want or are expecting a kiss. They walk close to you. They touch you. They hold your hand, or let you take theirs. When you look directly in her face, she's likely to smile. Maybe nervously. She doesn't back away whenever you move. This is all assuming she's not as nervous as you might be. If she is, she might move closer, then move away. Back and forth, unsure of herself. Of you. Or your motives. Obviously it's more difficult to tell in such instances. The key here, is to notice if she moves farther away from you and doesn't come back. Or if she flinches if you approach her. Or tries to put something between the two of you; like her purse, or a door. If you want to know if she wants to be kissed, or would at least appreciate it if you did so, watch her body language and take your cues from that. If she doesn't appear to be receptive, don't force it. She's probably not ready or simply doesn't want to move to that level with you. Accept it.
4 - On Impulse. While this isn't strictly a direct sign from her, it is a common way for first kisses to happen. But please, before you do anything impulsive, make sure the two of you are at least at a stage in your relationships where it wouldn't seem ridiculous. on just meeting for example. But getting back to the tip. Yeah, sometimes you just have to go with the moment. Perhaps it's a shared excitement about something surprising; like when someone you've both been routing for, suddenly scores, or wins. Sometimes, it might be in the middle of you both laughing at something together. Or it might be after something scary happens, like almost getting smashed by another car while driving. Or it might be after a shared loss, say a friend dying, or national tragedy. Whatever it is, sometimes, you just have to let your instincts take over. She may or may not be ready, but at least you'll know pretty much right away if your senses were correct.
5 - When she says yes. Yeah, it's probably pretty corny to just come right out and ask her, but it doesn't have to be like that. For example, you might suggest after she does something particularly cute that if she does so again, you might just have to kiss her. Or in other instances, you might mention how you wanted to kiss her at a prior time when something occurred between the two of you. Or, you might even mention how her lips look so kissable. The point here is you need to broach the topic in such a way that it brings the possibility out into the open without really painting either of you into a corner. Keep in mind that it's pretty important that you phrase things in a way that she will surely get what you are getting at, and thus, will issue some sort of reply, that in all likelihood will be easy to understand.

These 5 clear signs should help pretty much anyone trying to figure out when the time is right to kiss the girl. If this is you, I hope these tips have helped.


How To Tell a Guy You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off

Well, generally, girls are hesitant to confess their love for someone as compared to the guys. Many times, they fall short of words to tell him that they actually love him! Some girls have a fear of being rejected while some others are too shy to talk about love. But, all girls need to understand that whether today or after a few days, you will have to talk on this issue in your life. So, why postpone things unnecessarily, when you have the opportunity to do them immediately? Also, postponing proposing to a guy can create many problems; like he may be unaware of your feelings and he may start a relationship with some other girl. Thus, being frank with him will indeed be helpful for your future. So, go through the useful suggestions on how to tell a guy you like him for your own benefit.

How to Propose to your Boyfriend?

The day you will be telling your guy that you love him, would be the biggest and most important day of your life. So, you should plan for this day in advance and prepare yourself fully. You can consider the idea of inviting him to a popular restaurant or a silent place like a garden for the same. Wear the best clothes you have to look good and reach the spot before time. When your guy arrives at the venue, welcome him with an affectionate hug. You should greet him with a smiling face and be confident in your actions.

Now, look for a nice spot where the two of you find the peace you need and start the conversation right away. Start by telling the guy how you felt when you first met him. Help him recall what all happened when you first met. Reminisce those special moments, funny incidents and time you spent together and thoroughly enjoyed. Tell him what you like about him and what is his place in your life. Be as romantic as possible and now smartly shift the focus of your conversation to relationships. Start discussing on how an ideal husband or wife should be and listen to his views on the same. Now, it would be the right time to say that vial final sentence ‘I love you’! Hold your partner’s hand and by looking into his eyes, tell him how much you love him. For expressing your love, one of those cute love quotes can come to your help, if you are finding it difficult to word your emotions. Here is what you can say at this important moment of your life:

I think of you all day and night,
I become happy on your sight,
My life is complete only with you,
I would forget the rest of the world, only for you!

So, this is the ideal answer to your question-how to tell a guy you like him. Be honest in expressing your feelings as something heartfelt, when expressed at the right time is sure to reach his heart. Once he knows what you feel for him and if he bears similar feelings for you, you can think of taking your relationship to another level. Now, if you are too shy to speak directly, you can go with the conventional way of saying I love you with the help of love letters and beautiful greeting cards. Also, send a nice gift for him along with the cards which will be a token of your love for him. Though there is no wrong in doing so, your guy would appreciate it if you can say the same thing verbally. Remember, guys of today’s generation like confident, smart and outgoing girls rather than the quiet, shy and homely ones. Guys, who want to propose to their girlfriends can read how to tell a girl you like her.

I know that giving tips on how to tell a guy you like him is far more easy than actually doing so. But, by following these suggestions, you will definitely proceed in the right way and emerge victorious in the game of love. At this point, I would like to conclude by wishing you all the best for your love life!


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Top 10 First Date Tips for Men

Courting a lady isn't as straight forward as it used to be. Back in the day, dating etiquette was well-established and everybody played by the same rules. Men would open doors for women, help them with their coats, and have them home by nine. Couples would go to the soda shop for the first date, to the drive in for the second, up to "old make out point" for the third, and would most likely be getting married on the fourth.

The rules of the road have changed. Somewhere between Say Anything, and MTV's Next bus, we throw out the rulebook completely and just started winging it. Our individual quests for love and sex have become as varied and strange as life itself. This was a good and necessary change, but it has made dating... well, terrifying. Without any concrete guidelines, how is the novice romantic supposed to navigate those first few dates?

It's not so hard, really. As far as dating goes, the one thing that hasn't changed over the years is the simple fact that guys should be gentlemen. What follows are some suggested guidelines to help you be a true gentleman despite the weird modern reality in which we find ourselves.

bad first date

  1. Don't take her out to dinner on the first date
    These days, the most popular first date is the weeknight 'getting-a-couple-drinks' date. And, for good reason. It's non-committal, relatively brief by necessity, and the drinks help to calm everybody's nerves. So, don't try to impress with a 4-star restaurant when you barely know the person. This way, you'll keep your wallet intact and she won't feel beholden. Plus, if the sparks don't fly, it's easy to retire the evening early.
  2. Hug her at the beginning of the date
    Breaking down the physical barrier at the beginning of the date makes the rest of the date so much easier. At the beginning of the date, give her a hug, and tell her how delightful she looks. Also, by showing your attraction to her early on, you free her to reciprocate gestures of attraction throughout the date, making it easier for you to judge how well the date is going.
  3. Look your best
    Well, duh. But, a lot of the times when guys try to dress up for a date, they end up wearing something they aren't truly comfortable in. You should dress up a little, sure, but, try to wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. If you don't have any clothes that make you feel like George Clooney in Ocean's 11, go out and find some.
  4. Be a class act
    Chivalry may be dead, but she'll like you more if you try to revive it just a little. Open the door for her, pull out her chair, support her on icy sidewalks, etc... Despite the obvious self sufficiency of the modern woman, courtesy is still courtesy. A dash of chivalry shows your attraction and ability to protect and nurture. But, it's important not to take this too far. You don't want to seem old fashion, or as though you're trying real hard to impress. Just be be a good, considerate guy who knows the pleasure of treating a lady as such.
  5. Compliment her and others
    When you're on a date it's good to toss out a few genuine compliments. But, unless you're Dennis Leary, you probably already knew that... So, let me say that it's a good idea, not only to compliment your date, but to also talk nicely about people that you both know, or people that you've met throughout the night. By projecting kindness towards people that aren't around, you'll show that you tend to see the positive side of things, which is a very attractive characteristic.
  6. Embrace your inner weird
    A lot of people tend to go all glossy on dates. Sort of like a job interview, you really just want to seem appealing. This is a mistake. First, you actually become less attractive by paving over what sets you apart... But, more importantly, if you highlight your idiosyncrasies, you've got a better shot of finding a girl that compliments you, and tolerates your obsession with minimalist free jazz .
  7. Change your sheets
    Be prepared... The Boy Scouts know what they're talking about. When you go out on a date with someone, there is always the possibility that you'll end up back at your place. So, change the sheets, and get rid of any debris that is usually strewn about. If, in the end, the date was totally awkward, at least you've got a clean place to come home to.
  8. Pay for the date
    That's right... Beyond it being a kind gesture, offering to pay is a good way to get information on how the date is going. When the check comes, beware if she really does seem to want to pay her share. If she wants to pay, it's because she really doesn't want to feel obligated to you in any way shape or form. But, the single fake-wallet-grab is a good sign. Don't worry, she's gonna let you pay this time... She knows you're going to be eating all the ice cream out of her fridge in about two weeks :)
  9. Kiss Her
    If the first date has gone reasonably well, go for the kiss at some point towards the end. A so-so date that ends with a great kiss can = an awesome date. Sometimes you just gotta get the kiss out of the way before you can really feel comfortable with someone. So, man up and kiss her. Just do it. She'll be glad you did. Hopefully.
  10. Don't try to sleep with her
    Despite the advice from 20 seconds ago (you should still tidy up your place, it's starting to smell a little), having sex on a first date is not a good idea if you think you might want a relationship with the person. Studies have shown that people who have sex on a first date have a lot more trouble developing a good date into a relationship than those who are content delaying gratification. So, even if the date is going really, really well, don't push for the sleep over. After all, it's always nice to have something to look forward to, and, when all is said and done, she'll fancy you a gentleman.
So.. how was your first date?
tell us!


How to Ask Her Out..

Asking a girl out can be the toughest of propositions to make. However, nothing is impossible for a determined man, who is firm on his decision to ask her girl out. If you have already gathered enough guts to talk to her and get her number, it is time to take the next step and take your relationship to a more serious level. All said and done, you may be totally clueless as to how to ask her out. It may seem perfectly easy at first, but as you proceed towards it, you tend to develop cold feet! I bring you tips to ask a woman for a date. Read these and you shall see that asking a girl out is just a cake-walk.

Asking A Girl Out

  • Relax and look confident (even if you are not!). No woman likes a man who stutters and stammers while asking her out on a date. Your confidence will most certainly impress her. She will think that you are a man who is so sure of himself.
  • Ask her casually for a game or lunch. Do not utter the word "date" if you know she is going to freak out. You can simply mention that you are going to your favorite restaurant for lunch, and ask her if she would like to join you.
  • If she is skeptical about going out alone, mention that a couple of your friends are going too. She could bring her friends along if she wants to. It is very important for her to feel comfortable, and you should not mind some friendly disturbance for her convenience.
  • Be specific about plans. Don't leave her clueless as to where are you going to take her. Mention the name of the restaurant or hang-out zone you have planned to take her to. This will make her comfortable with the idea.
  • Do not push her if she is hesitant. You may blow off another chance that may be lurking in the corner. Patient wait as there is always a next chance. She will definitely say ‘yes’, once she has developed that confidence in you. Just that it may take some time!
  • Do not hit on her directly. Don't ask, "Would you like to go out with me?" Any woman would be taken aback at this sudden remark and may back out, much to your dislike.
  • Nothing is as bad as it looks. If she says ‘no’ this time, there is always a next time. So don't lose heart. Her ‘No’ shouldn't stop you from asking. You have to assure her that you are around and she can take her own sweet time. Strong decisions, as it as, are never taken impulsively.

How to Tell if She's Interested?

Understanding when a woman is flirting can be tough task for many guys. This article is about female body language.
I am sure you must have found it pretty difficult to understand the body language of a woman so as to know if she is flirting with you or not. These clues are the ones that will enable you to know if you will be able to get the woman’s number if you approach her.
If you get an expertise at understanding these signal, then you will be able to attract and improve your seduction methods. There are 8 fundamental signs which all women use to show their interest and attract towards you.

1. She is enjoying every moment
If you see a woman enjoying immensely with her friends, enjoying, giggling and laughing, but every time looking at you then it is certain that she is interested in you. She does that because she wants to give you an impression that she is a fun loving and happy kind of a person.
By enjoying the company of friends, she is telling you that she love socializing and is basically a gregarious person.
2.  Eye contact
If a woman makes an eye contact with you, it is the boldest form of showing interest in you. if the eye contact is for a longer duration, she is actively showing her interest in you.
Eye contact is not a very subtle way to flirt, it is pretty bold on the woman’s part to do so. So if you see a woman doing that, don’t ever doubt whether she is interested in you or not.
3. Vertical Scan Check Out
Women love to check out guys. The only difference is they do it in a subtler way than most of the guys.
If the woman scans a guy up and down, it is for sure that the woman is checking him out. This is also known as the ‘vertical scan’.
The vertical scan works like this. The woman looks at you face and moves to feet and finally to your heard. If she does this she is definitely interested in you and wants to know more about you.
4. A woman does the preening act
When a woman is aware that you are checking her out, she will put all efforts to look good. Her actions for looking good would be preening and smoothing her hair and clothes.
The above actions are not carried out consciously. They are kind of reflex action. They cannot be controlled by her. If she does this, you have interpret it as an invitation to you and you should approach her and strike a conversation with her.
Indication 5 – Open body language
Once you approach a woman, notice the flirting indications she gives you. these are classic signs used since ages. Once you notice them, it will be far more easy for you to strike a conversation and build a relationship with her.
The first classic indication is if she “opens herself” to you.
Body language of a woman will tell you all if she is open to you or not. It is the best way for a woman to show that she is attracted and interested in you. When open to you, her arms and wrists will be towards you.
6. Stroking her body
A woman stroking her body, especially her hair or neck is a sure indication of flirting. She might even stroke her thigh! This are definite indications of her flirtation because they are a manifestation of the thoughts that are sprouting up in her mind.
A woman touching her body, usually means that she is imagining you doing or touching her there.
7. Comes closer to you
To become more intimate with you, a woman will come closer to you while talking to you. Lowering of her voice is also an indication, which is done so that she can connect to you at a higher and deeper level.
Both of these gestures are a big indication that she is attracted to you and wants to come closet to you.
8.  Looks at your eyes and lips as if craving for them
A very good gesture to let you know that she wants to be kissed is when you looks longingly at your face.
If you come to know that a woman is looking to your mouth and eyes, she is giving you an invite to kiss her. So don’t hesitate and delay, get going and act…
Kiss her!
Once you start on the kissing note, you have taken a giant first step and can easily make things more intimate between you both

What Do Guys Like To Talk About?

You think that if you tell about your new dress or haircut he will be intersthing..? maybe.
But think again, men like to talk about other stuff then women.

Men like to talk, and there is no denying that. A plethora of magazines, dating sites and relationship advice portals will convince you that a guy only cares about feeding his starving libido and watching everything that moves on a sports channel. The difference is, they are talking about boys who are yet to reach a level of maturity. However, if you are dating a man who loves you, knows his responsibilities and sees a future with you, then it is important to know what do guys like to talk about to girls. Knowing what’s on your man’s mind, will help you build an emotional connect and strengthen your relationship like never before.
Here are some of the think that your man will open up and like to talk about with you:

What a Man Needs to Talk
Ambitious Plans
Primitive instincts suggests that a man is a provider and protector. By the virtue of these instincts, men happen to chalk out ambitious plans in intricate detail as compared to women. They plan out their academics and seek employment, which would support them financially. Usually, a man happens to be far more ambitious than a woman. Thus your man will need to and want to talk about his ambitions and dreams. Seeking your support and approval, are the underlying reasons for talking about his ambitious plans to you.

Friends and Family
The equation men share with their family and friends is a lot different from what we women share with ours. Although a man doesn’t say it, but he cares about every insipid details that happens with the people in his life. Hence, he will tell you everything that happens with them and how it affected him. Get involved in the conversations by asking him questions and reacting to what he says. Talking about family and friends is a way of involving you in his life that still remains undisclosed to you.
Failures and Achievements
It’s only human to share your sadness to seek comfort or share your happiness to double it. And if your guy talks to you about his failures and achievements it is only natural! Guys like to boast about their accomplishments, because for them life is always a competition of superiority. On the other hand, they also like to talk about their failures, as they want to be reassured that nothing has changed in a relationship because of his pitfalls.
Plans for Life
If a guy is planning to spend his life with you, he will want to talk about his life with you. He will share his perspective of how he wants his life with you to be. Plans for life, such as where you’d settle down, his career plans, whether you’d be staying with his family and so forth is what he’ll like to share with you. The only purpose of doing so, is to know your opinion about the same. The answer for what do guys like to talk about, is not any different from what girls like to talk about.
In totality, both the sexes like to share their feelings, emotions and view points with each other. Active listening is an important part of getting to know your man better. Thus, initiate conversations and be an active part of it with a genuine interest. All of this is done, share a bond that goes beyond the physicality of a relationship. An emotional bond is much deeper and much serious one. Making an effort to understand the other person whilst in a relationship is the only way of forging a connect that is worth all the effort that ensues all through the relationship.


Friday, December 2, 2011

How To Know if He's Really Likes You?

Have you met a guy recently and found yourself wondering if he likes you?
But seriously, is he in love with you?
You want him to like you - but how can you be sure he really his, before you gonna say somthing that there is no way back from?

  1. Examine his body language. If he likes you, you may see that he leans towards you. Notice if he shows off in your presence. For example:
    • He may approach you and try to impress you, or get your attention by getting in your personal space. If he likes you, and you like him, neither of you will step back. If he ever says, “hey watch this” or something else there’s a big chance he likes you. A bad habit that people sometimes do is tried to put other boys down to make them look good.
  2. Notice his eye contact. If he likes you, he’ll try to catch your eye and hold it. This can be uncomfortable if you don’t like him (or vice versa). If you feel like you have held eye contact just a fraction of a second longer than you would with anyone else, or if he looks away quickly, then there is something there.
    • His pupils may dilate if he likes you, but this is quite hard to pick up on, and you might come across as acting strangely by looking that closely into his eyes.
  3. Be aware of touching. He might put his hand on your arm when he laughs, or not move his legs if it happens to touch yours, or he may hug you for small things – all are good signs of a guy liking you.
  4. Watch for him showing interest in things you like and do. Notice the way he treats you – does he playfully tease you, or call you names, just to try and get your attention? It’s natural for a guy to tease when he likes a girl, but remember, someone can still tease someone, even if they aren’t attracted to them. But remember, some guys simply will not tease you.
  5. Check for signs of nervousness. Nervous laughter, sweaty palms, fidgeting, looking away quickly when you notice if he is watching you are all good signs of an attraction towards you and that he is nervous about making an impression on someone he fancies. Also notice if you call his name, does his head snap around right away or does it turn gradually?
  6. Smile- A big smile in return is a good sign. See if he always ends up in the same part of the room as you; perhaps he keeps going out of his way to bump into you and to flash his smile in your direction.
  7. Pay attention to his friends. If they know he’s interested in you, they might tease him subtly when you’re around, hint to you that he likes you, or even try to find out if you like him. Study their reactions to your presence – do they smile? Do they turn to him? Do they smirk in a way that suggests they know something that you don’t? If so, then there’s a good chance that they know that he really does like you.
  8. Have a friend ask him. Try to get someone who is basically unknown to the guy ask him what he thinks about other girls – the conversation doesn’t necessarily have to involve you, but you could ask your friend to drop subtle hints, or try in any way possible to find about anything they can about his feelings towards you.
  9. Be open! Give him room to approach you and talk to you – it can ruin the situation if he hasn’t got any opportunity to do so, for example if your friends are giggling in the background, or you are never on your own.
  10. Pay attention to how many times he uses your name. If you talk to him often, watch how many times he uses your first name. People tend to use your name to get your attention, and it shows that they think about you! For example, if you say something, and he replies with “haha, nice, so-and-so” it means he thinks about what he is saying more than if he replies with “haha, nice.” The second doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, but using your name is usually a tell-tale sign.
  11. Notice his behavior in conversation. Sometimes when guys ask you questions and other people distract the conversation or cut him off, he’ll just forget about it. If you notice that he keeps asking or changing the subject back to the question until you answer, then he may like you – but if the topic is something serious, he may just want to know out of curiosity.
    12. Notice these tell-tale signs:
  • If he wants to talk to you all the time.
  • If he starts acting nicer when you’re around him.
  • If he says yes to all the things you ask him to do.
  • If he treats you differently to other girls.
  • If he looks at you a lot every time you smile or laugh.
  • If he acts immature around you, like poking, teasing or playful flirting,
  • If he seems to always want to hang out with you.
  • If he gets closer with a body part, or if he tries to touch you.
  • If you catch him peeking at you and he smiles.
  • If he tries to make you laugh, or if he tries to copy you.
  • If he walks up to you out of the blue and hugs you.
  • If he tries to keep you in view for as long as possible, or tends to look around and stop when he finds you.
  • If he subtly looks at you but makes it look like he is looking at the girl next to him.
  • If he goes out of his way to talk to you, for example if he goes to the other side of the school to talk to you because he knows you have a class there.
  • If you block him on instant messenger and stop talking to him, and he finds a way to talk to you.
  • If he invites you to his birthday party or any kind of party.
  • If you flirt with a friend of his when he can see, and he looks jealous or automatically flirts back.
  • If he talks to you and wants to know how you’re doing.
  • If he is nicer or tries to talk to your friends.
  • If he asks about you to your friends when you’re not around.
  • If he asks you to dance with him at the dance.
    So ladies, tell us if he is the one.. Alon