Monday, December 5, 2011

How To Tell a Guy You Like Him Without Scaring Him Off

Well, generally, girls are hesitant to confess their love for someone as compared to the guys. Many times, they fall short of words to tell him that they actually love him! Some girls have a fear of being rejected while some others are too shy to talk about love. But, all girls need to understand that whether today or after a few days, you will have to talk on this issue in your life. So, why postpone things unnecessarily, when you have the opportunity to do them immediately? Also, postponing proposing to a guy can create many problems; like he may be unaware of your feelings and he may start a relationship with some other girl. Thus, being frank with him will indeed be helpful for your future. So, go through the useful suggestions on how to tell a guy you like him for your own benefit.

How to Propose to your Boyfriend?

The day you will be telling your guy that you love him, would be the biggest and most important day of your life. So, you should plan for this day in advance and prepare yourself fully. You can consider the idea of inviting him to a popular restaurant or a silent place like a garden for the same. Wear the best clothes you have to look good and reach the spot before time. When your guy arrives at the venue, welcome him with an affectionate hug. You should greet him with a smiling face and be confident in your actions.

Now, look for a nice spot where the two of you find the peace you need and start the conversation right away. Start by telling the guy how you felt when you first met him. Help him recall what all happened when you first met. Reminisce those special moments, funny incidents and time you spent together and thoroughly enjoyed. Tell him what you like about him and what is his place in your life. Be as romantic as possible and now smartly shift the focus of your conversation to relationships. Start discussing on how an ideal husband or wife should be and listen to his views on the same. Now, it would be the right time to say that vial final sentence ‘I love you’! Hold your partner’s hand and by looking into his eyes, tell him how much you love him. For expressing your love, one of those cute love quotes can come to your help, if you are finding it difficult to word your emotions. Here is what you can say at this important moment of your life:

I think of you all day and night,
I become happy on your sight,
My life is complete only with you,
I would forget the rest of the world, only for you!

So, this is the ideal answer to your question-how to tell a guy you like him. Be honest in expressing your feelings as something heartfelt, when expressed at the right time is sure to reach his heart. Once he knows what you feel for him and if he bears similar feelings for you, you can think of taking your relationship to another level. Now, if you are too shy to speak directly, you can go with the conventional way of saying I love you with the help of love letters and beautiful greeting cards. Also, send a nice gift for him along with the cards which will be a token of your love for him. Though there is no wrong in doing so, your guy would appreciate it if you can say the same thing verbally. Remember, guys of today’s generation like confident, smart and outgoing girls rather than the quiet, shy and homely ones. Guys, who want to propose to their girlfriends can read how to tell a girl you like her.

I know that giving tips on how to tell a guy you like him is far more easy than actually doing so. But, by following these suggestions, you will definitely proceed in the right way and emerge victorious in the game of love. At this point, I would like to conclude by wishing you all the best for your love life!


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