Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to Tell if She's Interested?

Understanding when a woman is flirting can be tough task for many guys. This article is about female body language.
I am sure you must have found it pretty difficult to understand the body language of a woman so as to know if she is flirting with you or not. These clues are the ones that will enable you to know if you will be able to get the woman’s number if you approach her.
If you get an expertise at understanding these signal, then you will be able to attract and improve your seduction methods. There are 8 fundamental signs which all women use to show their interest and attract towards you.

1. She is enjoying every moment
If you see a woman enjoying immensely with her friends, enjoying, giggling and laughing, but every time looking at you then it is certain that she is interested in you. She does that because she wants to give you an impression that she is a fun loving and happy kind of a person.
By enjoying the company of friends, she is telling you that she love socializing and is basically a gregarious person.
2.  Eye contact
If a woman makes an eye contact with you, it is the boldest form of showing interest in you. if the eye contact is for a longer duration, she is actively showing her interest in you.
Eye contact is not a very subtle way to flirt, it is pretty bold on the woman’s part to do so. So if you see a woman doing that, don’t ever doubt whether she is interested in you or not.
3. Vertical Scan Check Out
Women love to check out guys. The only difference is they do it in a subtler way than most of the guys.
If the woman scans a guy up and down, it is for sure that the woman is checking him out. This is also known as the ‘vertical scan’.
The vertical scan works like this. The woman looks at you face and moves to feet and finally to your heard. If she does this she is definitely interested in you and wants to know more about you.
4. A woman does the preening act
When a woman is aware that you are checking her out, she will put all efforts to look good. Her actions for looking good would be preening and smoothing her hair and clothes.
The above actions are not carried out consciously. They are kind of reflex action. They cannot be controlled by her. If she does this, you have interpret it as an invitation to you and you should approach her and strike a conversation with her.
Indication 5 – Open body language
Once you approach a woman, notice the flirting indications she gives you. these are classic signs used since ages. Once you notice them, it will be far more easy for you to strike a conversation and build a relationship with her.
The first classic indication is if she “opens herself” to you.
Body language of a woman will tell you all if she is open to you or not. It is the best way for a woman to show that she is attracted and interested in you. When open to you, her arms and wrists will be towards you.
6. Stroking her body
A woman stroking her body, especially her hair or neck is a sure indication of flirting. She might even stroke her thigh! This are definite indications of her flirtation because they are a manifestation of the thoughts that are sprouting up in her mind.
A woman touching her body, usually means that she is imagining you doing or touching her there.
7. Comes closer to you
To become more intimate with you, a woman will come closer to you while talking to you. Lowering of her voice is also an indication, which is done so that she can connect to you at a higher and deeper level.
Both of these gestures are a big indication that she is attracted to you and wants to come closet to you.
8.  Looks at your eyes and lips as if craving for them
A very good gesture to let you know that she wants to be kissed is when you looks longingly at your face.
If you come to know that a woman is looking to your mouth and eyes, she is giving you an invite to kiss her. So don’t hesitate and delay, get going and act…
Kiss her!
Once you start on the kissing note, you have taken a giant first step and can easily make things more intimate between you both

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